Plan a visit!

1. In 2019 the property will only be open to visitors from December 1st to January 31st. During this soft opening, we won’t have an online booking system and Tom Garrett one of our co-founders will be the onsite host for all guests.

2. To check availability and for all questions: call, text or email Tom Garrett


ROOMS with private bathroom and AC: $40 per night

ROOMS without private bathroom and AC: $20 per night

MEAL PLANS (3 meals per day, snacks and optional time with the cook and farmer)

$60 per adult (18+) per day

$30 per kid (6-17) per day

$0 kids 5 and under


$20 to $80 each way depending on how many people share the ride

4. We can offer advice on the best flights to book and will coordinate your airport transfer to and from the farm after a 50% non-refundable deposit is paid to hold your room.

5. What to bring for the farm:

  • waterproof boots(if you want to tour the farm and walk the property trail)

  • good sun hat

  • jeans/long sleeves and gloves (for touring the farm)

  • . Bug spray and sunscreen if you use them (we have very minimal mosquitos on the farm, but the sun is very strong)

6. What to bring for the hotel:

  • we provide soap, shampoo/conditioner

  • bring anything else you will want, the closest store is a 25 minute drive(it has limited products)

7. Weather Information:

  • It is always hot and humid.

  • From May 15th to Nov. 15th its more humid with heavy rains.

  • Nov.15th to Jan. 15th is the best weather due to less heat and humidity with moderate rain.

  • Jan. 15th to May 15th, the dry season, hot and less humid with zero rain, many trees lose their leaves.

8. Farm Information:

May 1st to June 15th: mango harvest, first planting of corn, beans, annual planting of sugar cane, fertilization of all trees

July: pitaya fruit harvest, annual planting of new fruit trees

August: nancite fruit harvest

October: guyava fruit harvest, 2nd bean/corn planting, fertilization of all trees

December to January: citrus harvest, sugar cane harvest,

January to February: jacote fruit harvest

Feb. 1st to April 15th: tuber harvest, palm tree juice harvesting to drink or ferment into "chicha", panama tree nut harvest,

*** Year round: bananas pineapple, coffee, heart of palm, papaya, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon

*** trees that will start harvesting 2020 to 2022: coconuts, avocados, all spice, cloves, cacao, bread fruit, tropical cherries, guanabana, mamon,


Tom Garrett


+1 (213) 440-4634 (call or text)