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construction visit, 2014

construction visit, 2014

In 2009 we began our journey to produce a perfect meal simply to see if it was possible and because we wanted it and because we were frustrated at the lack of integrity and transparency with ‘organic’ food labeling.

Over the following 10 years Tom dove deep into the world of soil science, permaculture food production systems and ancient farming knowledge (bio-dynamic). Roslyn read volumes about native foods, largely inspired by Weston A. Price’s research.

We had tapped a deep vein of uncommon knowledge - creating a perfect meal had become about restoring health to our land and our bodies and nurturing our children in lost ways.

As the property came together, the farm/restaurant/hotel ended up creating something bigger than the sum of its parts - a lifestyle that gives us the peace, clarity, vitality and time to solve the problems we can’t seem to manage in the city.

See you at the Cacao Farm!
Tom & Roslyn & Ken